Basketball is not only a game of nerves but strength too. Parallel to the strength of the sport, the court requires strength of almost the same magnitude. Of the whole basketball court, the floor makes the central part that should be stout and resilient. The basketball court tiles are thus required to bear the same characteristics.

If a basketball court revamps are due, Elite X tiles by ZS floor tech are unanimously the best. However, you still consider some important factors when shopping for basketball court tiles.

This blog post features all the essential considerations when choosing tiles for your basketball court.

Basketball Court Tiles and Regular Tiles: What’s The Difference?

Basketball tiles are different from regular tiles. Regular tiles have an intent opposite to that of the basketball court tiles. Random tiles are installed for a pleasant outlook and aesthetic appeal, whereas the basketball court tiles have to serve many other essential functions besides aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, these factors must be considered when choosing suitable tiles for your football court.

Important Considerations When Choosing Basketball Court Tiles

Always consider the following factors when choosing the right tiles for your court.

Shock Absorbing Capacity

Though it’s a technical term, a proper consultation session can get you answers to all your questions. You must consider the shock-absorbing capacity of the basketball court’s tiles. This is important because a good bearing capacity can lead to a sustained floor.


You must also consider your budget. The chances of an exceptional product at skyrocketing prices are high. Therefore, your selection should be sensible enough to cater to both economy and quality.

Improved Friction

As said already, a consultation with a professional vendor or manufacturer gives you a better insight into the product. You must consider the level of friction that the tile offers. For instance, Elite X tiles are particularly made that facilitate friction between the ground and the tile. This property has long-term benefits.

Bouncing Capacity

Bouncing is too relevant to basketball. People familiar with the sport understand the importance of a bouncing floor. You must therefore consider the bouncing capacity of the tiles.


Sports courts and grounds are familiar with accidents caused by slippery surfaces. However, the floors must be made with non-slippery tiles to minimize such accidents.

When choosing tiles for your Basketball courts, check n their anti-slip nature.

Thermal Expansion System

The latest, high-end court tiles have special structure systems like thermal expansion systems. It prevents the tiles from bulging and maintains stability during hot temperatures. It’s better to consider this structure system to ensure a well-maintained floor.

Cold Shrinkage System

Most of the court’s tiles crack in extremely cold temperatures. The cold shrinkage system thus contains many layers of sheets that ensure no cracks during the cold. You must, therefore, consider this point and select all-weather-suited tiles for your basketball court.


It is safer to call the tile selection a technical decision. We call it technical because we should look for important points we may never consider when buying other tiles. When choosing tiles for your basketball court, you must consider their suitability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Besides many other factors, you must consider your budget. Thorough research and wise considerations will always lead you to a good investment.

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