Some shoes and products in e-commerce are worth the limelight. The same is the case with the magnetic levitation shoe display. The magnetic levitation shoe display is a technological advancement that makes the presentation of shoes in the air possible. There are specific techniques behind how a magnetic levitating shoe display works. Many people are curious to know these techniques if you are too, keep reading this blog post till the end.

What Is a Levitating Shoe Display?

A levitating shoe displays are showcasing the shoes around the Internet and in some stores. It is a carrier in a C shape with magnetic forces to display the shoe in the air. This makes the appearance of your shoe attractive, along with the LEDs attached to give an illuminating look.

How Does A Magnetic Levitation Shoe Display work?

The magnetic levitation shoe display works with the help of electromagnetic currents to keep the shoe in the air for display. This technology requires strong magnets that can be easily inserted into the heel of the shoe so that it can float. There is a built-in fan available in the display that helps the shoe glide with the help of air.

What are the Features Of A Levitating Shoe Display?

Some features contribute in making a good levitation shoe display. Read below for a list of the features.

Durability And Design of The Frame

There are a variety of designs when it comes to the frame of the levitation shoe display. The quality and durability of the structure play a vital role. It would help if you always consider the options of designs, including single and double frames and various color panels available with every design. The color enhances the display of the shoe. Hence you should choose it wisely before getting the frame.

Air Rotation with Fan

A fan inside the frame; helps the air pass through a hole in the frame, making the shoe gliding in the air possible. This fan promotes the 360-degree rotation of the shoe. The rotation helps the display of the shoe in a better way.

LED Lighting in The Frame

The closing at the C-shaped frame comprises the LED strip with RGB features. These features make you achieve a fantastic look for the shoe display. This LED strip has such intense light that it overpowers every inch of the shoe, making every stitch visible.


In a nutshell, this levitating display adds to the beauty of your favorite shoe. It is advised for shoe lovers to give them an exhibit that showcases their beauty to the world. This display can make your shoe exceptional by giving it an aesthetic look. You can select the designs and colors of the frame of your choice to provide an artistic look to your footwear collection. So what are you waiting for? Order the best levitating shoe display from our website. I hope this article guided you to enhance the presentation of your footwear. Happy Reading!

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